Why Do Some People Have Such White Teeth?

Have you noticed that some people always seem to have gleaming white smiles? Does your smile pale in comparison to theirs? Then you'll probably be wondering what their secret is. The truth is that there are many reasons, both genetic and non-genetic, for white teeth. So, if you yourself would like whiter teeth, the following list should give you some ideas about how that can happen.

They Stay Away From Staining Foods

If a person generally eats foods that are neutral in colour, such as cheese, white rice and carbonara sauce, their teeth may encounter few staining molecules. However, someone who eats richly coloured foods like red pasta sauce will likely encounter many staining molecules. Staining molecules cling to your teeth and even lodge within enamel, discolouring teeth in the process.

They Have More Enamel on Their Teeth

Some people simply have more enamel on their teeth than other people do. A thick enamel layer will help to keep the yellow dentin layer inside the tooth from showing through. Young children and teens that eat a healthy diet have more enamel than most adults do because their teeth have experienced less wear and tear. And some people inherit a thicker enamel layer as well.

They Practice Excellent Oral Hygiene

This might seem obvious, but if a person always has white teeth, it could be because they brush and floss their teeth regularly. They may even use whitening toothpaste to boost the whiteness of their teeth.

They Have Less Dentin in Their Teeth

Like enamel, the amount of dentin you have in your teeth depends on genetics. If your parents' teeth contain a thick dentin layer beneath their enamel, then yours likely will too. Dentin is a spongy, chalky layer that lies below the enamel layer of your teeth. This spongy layer gives your teeth flexibility and helps to keep your teeth hydrated. Unfortunately, the more dentin you have in your teeth, the yellower your teeth may appear, especially if you also have thin enamel.

They Whiten Their Teeth

One of the most common reasons that people have bright, white teeth is that they regularly whiten their teeth. You can whiten your teeth at home using OTC (over the counter) whitening kits or you can see a dentist that provides tooth whitening services. The safest and fastest way to whiten teeth is at a dentist's office.

If teeth whitening is a new concept for you, ask someone who has done it before about their experience with it. As long as your teeth are in good shape, you can whiten your teeth to achieve a brighter, whiter smile.