3 Reasons Why Your Tongue Is Always White

Have you noticed that your tongue is usually white? Then you are more than likely looking at a plaque problem. Although your tongue might not seem like a dental issue, it is in terms of dental plaque because plaque contains millions of bacterial organisms that contribute to tooth decay. If you are seeing a white film on your tongue every day, you have a dental issue.

The cause of your white tongue is probably due to one of the following reasons:

1. Poor Oral Hygiene

Brushing your teeth removes plaque and food debris. What colour is plaque? White or light yellow — the same colour as the coating on your tongue. No matter how well you brush your teeth, if you aren't brushing your tongue, then you are allowing most of the harmful bacteria to continue to reside in your mouth. Those organisms may then spread to your teeth throughout the day.

As such, each morning and night, remember to brush your tongue and teeth. Bacteria also cause bad breath. This is because they release sulphur compounds into your mouth as they feed. However, as long as you remove the white coat every morning and night, your breath won't suffer.

2. Dehydration

A dehydrated mouth is a bacteria colony's dream come true. This is because your saliva has powerful antibacterial properties that keep the bacteria population in your mouth low. Moreover, your saliva is your mouth's way of flushing bacteria out of your mouth and into your stomach. Without water, your body struggles to produce saliva. As a result, the bacteria on your tongue continue to multiply, creating an unattractive white film. Drink more water to remedy this problem.

3. A Diet High in Sugar

When you eat sugary foods and snacks like doughnuts, cakes and candy, you treat the oral bacteria in your mouth to a feast rich in simple sugars that are easy for them to break down. The worst of the oral bacteria in your mouth doesn't have to work very hard to break down the sugars in processed snacks. As a result, they can multiply much faster when your diet is rich in sugar.

Since these bacterial organisms produce acid that damages your teeth, it is better to have fewer of them to protect your teeth and tongue. If you like to snack regularly on sugary treats, this could be a contributing factor to the white film on your tongue.

Then following the above advice should help you to keep your tongue a healthy shade of pink from now on. Contact a dentist ​to learn more.