What You Should Know About Denture Repairs

It is not uncommon for people to break or damage their dentures accidentally (when outside the mouth) or during their use (while inside the mouth).

  • Outside the Mouth

You, of course, remove your dentures when sleeping or for cleaning purposes. As you are cleaning them, you can easily drop them in the sink, which can lead to damage; sometimes you can be lucky, and they remain intact. You might also remove and place your dentures on a high surface and accidentally push them off the edge to the floor. Such an impact can damage the dentures.

  • Inside the Mouth

Since your mouth changes as you grow, dentures can crack due to strain, especially for younger individuals. Additionally, if you encounter a high impact on your mouth area when wearing dentures, they might also crack.

Your Dentures Are Damaged, Now What?

Refrain as much as possible from DIY denture repair. Don't even think of super glue. You might either make the damage worse or poison yourself. Remember the denture is going into your mouth, and if you use poisonous adhesives, you are putting your health at risk. Additionally, if you repair the dentures incorrectly, you can injure the inside parts of your mouth.

Take the dentures to your dentist for repairs. Don't take them to the dental clinic while they are in your mouth; remove them and place them in a container that can absorb any kind of impact you might experience on your way to the dentist. This prevents them from sustaining further damage.

Denture Repair, Replacement and Cost

The dentist should inspect the dentures and inform you whether they are repairable or not. If they aren't repairable, you might be forced to replace them (have new ones made). If they are repairable, ask how much the repair will cost. If the repair cost is anywhere near the value of new dentures, just have new dentures made.

Sometimes, you might require quick denture repair services, maybe because the dentures cover a large area of your mouth and you might feel uneasy having people look at you without teeth. Call the dentist in advance and inform him or her of your urgency so that the dentist can check whether there is a queue at the dental laboratory and make the necessary arrangements for quick but quality repair services. You might need to send him or her a picture of the dentures to assess the damage and estimate how long the repair process might take or if you need a replacement.

To learn more about denture repairs, contact a dentist in your area.