Thought Invisalign Was Just a Cosmetic Treatment? See What More It Can Do for You

Anybody with misaligned teeth just wants a dental treatment or option that would help straighten them. Did you know that misaligned teeth don't just 'kill' your smile, but they also compromise your oral health? Invisalign is an effective oral cosmetic treatment that offers more than just aligning those crooked teeth so you can confidently smile again. Overcrowded or skewed teeth affect the gums surrounding each tooth, making them loose, red or engorged. If you thought that Invisalign could only correct dental problems that hurt your self-esteem, see what more it can do for you.

Keeps Dental Infections at Bay

As Invisalign helps align your teeth, the gums adjust themselves, protecting your teeth from oral infections. It's advisable to remove the aligners every time you want to clean and floss your teeth and then rinse them thoroughly. This helps reduce tooth decay risks, periodontal infections, and plaque build-up. If you don't clean your teeth and tongue properly, oral bacterial infections might be inevitable. If these infections aren't treated in good time, they may cause mouth sores, bad breath and tooth loss. In severe conditions, oral bacterial infections could cause cardiovascular diseases, diabetes or stroke. However, Invisalign prevents these oral problems and other dental issues like reddened, wobbly or swollen gum tissues.

Adds Comfort in Your Mouth

Misaligned teeth trigger overbites, crossbites and underbites that compromise your dental health and overall wellbeing in a big way. Overbites are uncomfortable and cause severe gum reddening and irritation. Moreover, they wear the teeth and trigger joint issues. Overgrowth or undergrowth of any jaw usually causes underbites, and it may affect how your front molars function. With misaligned teeth, you develop crossbites, which wear your teeth and the bones, causing too much discomfort. When you visit your dentist to get Invisalign, they choose one that will effectively correct your misaligned teeth and still enhance comfort in your mouth.

Corrects Speech-Related Issues

Misaligned teeth could make you lisp in different instances. Most people feel ashamed whenever they pronounce 's' as 'th' because people tend to ridicule or mimic their speech. This makes you fear every time you have a chance to address some people because you know they would find your speech comic. However, Invisalign trays help align your teeth so you can speak fluently and pronounce each word, letter and vowel correctly. Unlike traditional braces, these trays are invisible and don't limit what you eat. You can also remove them when eating hard, sticky and chewy foods.

Invisalign comes with extra oral benefits you might not have thought of, such as improved hygiene and less gum, teeth and bone wear. The cosmetic treatment also prevents disorders associated with misaligned teeth and the pain they cause, leaving you with a brighter, broader smile. But before you choose this oral treatment, talk to your dentist so you could first understand how it works and probably some of the side effects you can expect.

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