Dangers Of Underrating The Importance Of Immediate Emergency Denture Repairs

Dentures may have been around for decades on end, but the fact that they are still a viable solution for tooth loss proves they are still an effective option. Their affordability also makes them easily accessible to a majority of individuals who may not have the budget for tooth replacement solutions such as dental bridges or implants.

While perfect-fitting dentures will restore some normalcy to your life, you should know that the daily wear and heavy use they are under does expose them to some damages, typically in the form of cracks. When your dentures acquire any form of damage, it is critical for you to seek professional repairs as soon as possible to avoid a range of misfortunes. Here is a brief list of the dangers of underrating the importance of immediate emergency denture repairs.

Discomfort and eventual pain when wearing them

If you dentures have acquired a few cracks, lost their shape or broken completely, they will not fit your jawbone as they were designed to. The deformation of the dentures means that there will be partial gaps present between the dentures and your gum line. Additionally, broken or cracked dentures can pierce through your gums and cause you perpetual pain.

If you have not noticed the damage to your dentures, you will undoubtedly feel some tenderness in your gums or general soreness in your mouth. Another symptom you may develop due to damaged dentures is acid efflux, as you are not chewing food adequately. Rather than wait for the pain to worsen or simply numb it with over-the-counter medications, it is best to seek emergency denture repairs to restore them to optimum condition.

Deterioration of your health

You may be surprised to learn that damaged dentures may have an impact on your overall wellness, but this is not unusual. In fact, what you need to note is that untreated dental problems allow bacteria to make their way to your bloodstream, and this could lead to serious heart problems, respiratory issues and the like. However, these conditions will manifest after going a long while without seeking medical assistance. In the beginning, though, damage dentures can affect your health in several ways.

For starters, broken dentures can regressively lead to the loss of bone density in your jaw. If you have partial dentures, the damages can eventually lead to the misalignment of your natural teeth, which will necessitate further dental care. To maintain your health and to circumvent paying for both denture repair as well as additional medical bills, it is vital to seek emergency denture repairs as needed.

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