Busting Common Laser Teeth Whitening Myths People Believe

Laser teeth whitening is one of the best cosmetic procedures you can consider when you have stained teeth. This procedure will help you get reliable results in a few sessions compared to other whitening methods. However, several myths and misconceptions are associated with this procedure and discourage most people from scheduling their first session. You cannot afford to let such misconceptions inform your decisions — you need to separate the facts from fiction. This post will debunk several laser whitening myths you might have come across and shouldn't believe.

Myth: Acidic fruits can match the effectiveness of laser teeth whitening

Most people today choose to use natural remedies like acidic fruits to whiten their teeth. They assume that rubbing fruits like oranges or lemons on the teeth will eliminate stains and brighten their smiles. Others even use baking soda to try to attain the same objective. While fruits play an essential role in keeping you healthy, they can damage the teeth by eating away at the enamel because of their acidic or abrasive nature. Moreover, they increase the risk of tooth sensitivity and cavities. Laser teeth whitening is safer and more effective because it's conducted by an expert. The professional examines your teeth and creates a customised whitening paste that's perfect for your teeth, depending on the results they get.

Myth: Your teeth remain perfect after they are whitened

Laser teeth whitening treatment is very effective. In fact, most patients see results after the first session and will only need to see their dentists a few times to attain their objective. Getting pearly white teeth after the procedure doesn't mean that your teeth will never get discoloured. Actually, there is nothing like permanent whitening results. If you continue to take excessive tea, coffee, wine, or smoke, the teeth will eventually get discoloured again. Experts recommend that you address such discolouration by scheduling touch-ups after every few months. Also, remember to use straws when drinking coloured liquids so your front teeth can stay whiter for longer.

Myth: Laser teeth whitening damages the enamel

Another misconception you'll come across is that laser teeth whitening will damage your tooth enamel. There are plenty of studies that have debunked this myth. Dentists follow the recommended procedure while whitening your teeth so you won't experience any problems afterward. As long as an experienced and qualified professional handles the laser whitening procedure, your enamel will be safe. 

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