Why You Need an Everyday Travel Kit for Your Dental Braces

You're undoubtedly used to packing a travel kit for your toiletries when you actually need to go somewhere. But when you have braces, you should make a habit of packing a small travel kit to take anytime you leave your home for the day, even if you're only going to work or school. This is not a travel kit that your dentist or orthodontist will provide, and it's really about providing yourself with the necessary tools that you need to keep your braces and your teeth in the best possible condition. What should go into your braces travel kit?


Many people who wear braces prefer the convenience and efficiency of an electric toothbrush. Of course, it's not exactly convenient to take an electric toothbrush with you whenever you leave your home. A toothbrush needs to go into your travel kit, so opt for a manual orthodontic toothbrush with a small head so that hard-to-reach nooks and crannies can be cleaned after each meal, even when you're out and about.


Any form of fluoride toothpaste is going to be perfectly fine, although you might want to purchase a smaller travel-size tube of toothpaste, if only for the ease of packing it. As always with braces, avoid a whitening toothpaste, as only the exposed portions of your teeth will be treated, leading to a colour imbalance once your braces are removed.


You might not be able to clean your teeth after each time you consume food or a beverage, and this is okay. As long as you clean your teeth most of the time after food or drink, your teeth won't exactly suffer. A thorough rinse after eating or drinking is acceptable as a substitute for those times when you're not able to brush, so a travel-size bottle of fluoride mouthwash belongs in your travel kit. Failing that, a thorough rinse with water will do when no other option is available.

Dental Wax

Damage to your braces isn't a regular occurrence, but you need to be prepared for it to happen. Don't worry; this preparation doesn't involve anything more than packing some dental wax in your travel kit. If something should happen to your braces while you're out and about, you can easily apply a small amount of dental wax to any exposed edges, preventing damage to your tongue and other soft tissue inside your mouth.

Living with braces takes a little getting used to, but packing a small travel kit for your braces will make living with them far easier on a day-to-day basis.