Underlying Causes Of Denture Repair

The affordability of dentures when compared to other tooth replacement therapies makes them a leading solution for patients looking to restore their smile without having to break the bank. However, despite being designed for mastication, dentures are not invulnerable to damage. Their heavy-duty usage coupled with the degree of stress they are exposed to daily will lead to cosmetic damages that can turn serious quite quickly.

So to ensure you are protecting your investment while simultaneously safeguarding your oral health, it is essential to know the common reasons why your dentures would malfunction, as this helps you identify a potential problem. To help you with that, this article features two of the various underlying causes of denture repair.

Poor fit

Unless you had your dentures installed by an amateur, they likely fit snugly when you first acquired them. Nonetheless, each time you eat and chew, force is applied onto the dentures that makes them gradually lose their conformity. It is also worth noting that over time, whether a few months or several years, your gum line and jawbone will change too. As a result, not only are the dentures no longer custom fit to your mouth but the oral changes you keep undergoing means the dentures will not retain their original fit unless a dentist intervenes.

Problems come about when you ignore the need for a reline that would help with ensuring a comfortable fit. Hence, the dentures begin to develop slight fractures that will only worsen. The worsening fractures also cause physical damage to your mouth such as cuts and scrapes on gums, soreness and more, which can lead to bacterial infections. To stop this snowball effect, it is vital to seek denture repairs as needed.

Normal wear

The second reason why you will eventually need denture repairs is due to the normal deterioration stemming from overuse. As stated earlier, the forces involved in chewing have an abrasive effect on the dentures. But this is not the only form of regular wear. You should know that your diet would have a direct influence on the condition of the dentures. Acidic foods and drinks, particularly, will lead to the degeneration of the dentures.

You should also take into consideration that your mouth is characterised by high temperatures, and this damages the dentures over time. Therefore, you may be trying to take the best care of your dentures only to find that they are still wearing away. You should know that is quite normal and denture repair will restore their functionality and prolong their lifespan.