Keeping Your Gums and Teeth Healthy: 4 Signs That It Is Time to See a Dentist

To maintain healthy teeth, you need to brush them twice a day and go for your dental appointments without fail. Unfortunately, most people only schedule a dental visit when they experience extreme discomforts. 

In most cases, failing to observe your dental appointments increases the chances of oral health problems or undergoing expensive dental procedures to restore a healthy smile. You can prevent this from happening by paying close attention to the following signs for early treatment.

Your Teeth Are Discoloured

If your once white teeth now seem yellowish, you should see a dentist soon. Yellow teeth often mean plaque build-up from leftover food trapped in your teeth. The bacteria in your mouth feed on the leftovers and produce an acid that affects your teeth' colour. 

The longer you delay your dental visit, the faster your oral health deteriorates as you are likely to develop cavities. Once the cavities advance to the dentin or pulp, you will likely experience excruciating pain, so it is best to see a dentist as soon as possible.

You Are Expectant

If you are expecting a baby, you need to take good care of your teeth as you are more susceptible to problems like gingivitis and tooth decay due to hormonal changes. Tooth problems like gingivitis are dangerous and could lead to preterm labour. In addition, pregnancies often lead to sweet cravings, acid reflux, or regular vomiting, contributing to tooth erosion. 

Other pregnancy-related tooth problems include deep pockets, receding, and swelling gums. Make sure you see your dentist as soon as you find out you are pregnant to allow them to figure out an appropriate dental schedule to suit your unique needs.

Your Teeth Are Sensitive

Even though it is normal to feel a little sensitivity when taking hot or cold foods, you shouldn't ignore sensitive teeth. Extreme sensitivity is usually caused by cavities that expose your teeth. Suppose you've had your cavities filled and are now experiencing sensitivity; it means you need to have them refilled again.

Your Tooth Is Chipped or Broken

Having a broken or chipped tooth is no fun and can present serious self-esteem issues, especially when you smile in public. Everyone will likely want to ask questions about what happened to your tooth or pay unnecessary attention when you talk or smile. Additionally, chipped or broken teeth can lead to internal gum bleeds, and you want to make sure the problem is looked into as soon as possible.

That said, always remember you do not have to wait for any of these signs to see a dentist. If you have not seen a dentist for ages, it's time to follow through with that dental appointment you've been ignoring.