6 Tips To Keep Children's Teeth Healthy

Children's teeth are precious. Even though they will get another set of teeth for adulthood, it is still important to avoid dental decay, which can cause pain, difficulty eating, and lead to long-term gum health problems. The following six tips can help to keep your child's teeth healthy.

1. Set a Good Example

Kids imitate their parents, so it is important that they see you brushing and flossing. When the whole family cleans their teeth together, kids start to see it as a normal part of life, rather than a chore that you are imposing on them.

2. Teach Good Brushing Technique

Show children how to place the right amount of toothpaste onto the brush, clean their teeth using a gentle circular motion, and then spit the toothpaste back out. Good technique is important to ensure that all the teeth get clean and that they are not damaged by kids scrubbing too hard. Set a timer to ensure that your kids brush for long enough every morning and evening.

3. Visit the Dentist Regularly

All kids should visit a dentist regularly for checkups. To make this a less intimidating experience, choose a family dental clinic that provides a welcoming environment for kids. If your kids do not get along with the dentist, it is always possible to switch to a different one who they might like better.

4. Provide Tooth-Friendly Snacks

Sugars in foods and drinks feed oral bacteria, making cavities more likely. Provide your kids with tooth-friendly, low-sugar alternatives like natural yoghurt, cheese, nuts, and unsweetened peanut butter. If your kids can't give up sweet drinks, look for sugar-free versions. Encourage them to eat whole fruit rather than fruit juice, as juice contains a very high concentration of sugar. Try to only let your kids have sweet foods and drinks at mealtimes, rather than spreading them out throughout the day, to reduce the amount of time the sugar spends in contact with the teeth.

5. Don't Share Oral Bacteria

It is very easy to pass your own oral bacteria onto your kids by sharing utensils, bottles, and other items. Carry wipes so you can clean items such as pacifiers that fall on the ground before you give them back to your children.

6. Ask Your Dentist About Fluoride Varnish

Fluoride varnish is a preventative treatment that can help to protect a child's teeth against cavities. Dentists can apply a layer of fluoride to the teeth to strengthen their enamel and make dental decay a lot less likely.