Dangers Of Underrating The Importance Of Immediate Emergency Denture Repairs

Dentures may have been around for decades on end, but the fact that they are still a viable solution for tooth loss proves they are still an effective option. Their affordability also makes them easily accessible to a majority of individuals who may not have the budget for tooth replacement solutions such as dental bridges or implants. While perfect-fitting dentures will restore some normalcy to your life, you should know that the daily wear and heavy use they are under does expose them to some damages, typically in the form of cracks. [Read More]

Is Teeth Cleaning Painful?

The thought of undergoing pain for a simple procedure such as teeth cleaning could be the reason why most of the population doesn't prefer teeth cleaning. While the procedure is dreaded by many, it will ensure that your teeth remain healthy for longer. Does teeth cleaning hurt? It shouldn't hurt; however, if you experience gum inflammation, tooth decay and poor oral health, it's going to hurt. Your first time might not hurt, but if you don't maintain the recommended oral hygiene, the second time will hurt. [Read More]

What You Need to Know About Dentures

If you lose a tooth or several teeth from an accident or dental illness, dentures are one of the solutions used to remedy the gap(s) left. Here's what you need to know about dentures: What Are Dentures? Simply put, dentures are removable plastic plates that have artificial teeth attached to them. They are usually worn in your mouth to fill in gaps left by missing teeth. When slipped into your upper or lower gum, they are supported by your pallet or gum. [Read More]

Thought Invisalign Was Just a Cosmetic Treatment? See What More It Can Do for You

Anybody with misaligned teeth just wants a dental treatment or option that would help straighten them. Did you know that misaligned teeth don't just 'kill' your smile, but they also compromise your oral health? Invisalign is an effective oral cosmetic treatment that offers more than just aligning those crooked teeth so you can confidently smile again. Overcrowded or skewed teeth affect the gums surrounding each tooth, making them loose, red or engorged. [Read More]