Different Times You Should Visit Your Dentist

You just don't visit your dentist when you have a dental emergency (when you've suffered an injury to your mouth that leads to bleeding, loss of teeth or cracked teeth), you are in severe pain, your cheek or face is swollen as a result of a tooth, etc. The following article includes the different times you should visit your dentist: Child's First Dental Visit As soon as your baby's teeth are out, take her or him to a pediatric dentist. [Read More]

Two Tips for Denture Users Who Suffer From Chronic Mouth Ulcers

If you develop mouth ulcers regularly and you use dentures, the following tips will probably be of interest to you. Ask for a soft reline when undergoing your next denture relining Denture relining is a necessary process for most denture wearers that ensures that their dentures continue to fit comfortably and stay secure, even when the wearer's mouth goes through changes (such as gum shrinkage). Dentists who provide a relining service will take off a little bit of the palate part of the denture, make a mould of the newly sheared section that is left behind and then use the mould to make a new layer for the denture, which, when added onto this dental device, will make it fit better. [Read More]

Bond Your Tooth for a Bold Smile! Use Dental Bonding to Correct Those Minor Dental Flaws

Those minor dental imperfections can highly affect the quality of your smile and overall oral health in a big way. If you have chipped or stained teeth or cavities, teeth bonding could be a much less expensive option for you compared to porcelain veneers. A cosmetic dentist uses a tooth-coloured material such as resin to correct dental imperfections such as gaps, chips, discolouration and cracks and enhance the appearance of your teeth. [Read More]

Small, Widely Spaced Teeth: Your Smile Is Your Own, But Might You Also Have Hutchinson's Teeth?

A smile is a smile, but perhaps you've sometimes wondered why yours is the way it is. Your teeth never seemed to grow to what might be considered full size, and there are noticeable gaps between them. It might feel as though your smile never fully developed, and this is something you've just become used to. There might be an underlying reason for this type of dental development. While your teeth are certainly your own, you might also have Hutchinson's teeth. [Read More]