Your Guide to Making a Root Canal Comfortable

Many people will experience tooth decay at some point in their lives. When the problem becomes extreme, sometimes a simple filling is not enough. Instead, your dentist may recommend you undergo a root canal procedure. This is where they drill into the pulp to remove the infection and prevent you from developing an abscess. Naturally, you may not relish the thought of a dentist drilling deep into your tooth. There are a few ways you can work with your dentist to make the procedure more comfortable, though. [Read More]

How to Make Gap-Free Dental Insurance Work for You

Anyone with gap-free dental insurance will, quite rightly, try to maximise this area of their coverage to reduce their dental bills. This type of dental insurance allows you to claim the total cost of certain dental procedures if you use a dentist who's a member of your insurer's provider network. How does it work, and perhaps more importantly—how do you make it work for you? The Basics Here are the basics of gap-free coverage. [Read More]