Is It Possible to Correct an Overbite With Dentures?

Do you have missing teeth as well as an overbite? You are probably wondering if you'll be able to replace your missing teeth and correct your overbite with dentures. Although not what dentures are designed to do, it is possible for a dentist to design your dentures so that they help with your overbite. But, be aware that 2-3 millimetres of space is considered a normal bite, so no correction is needed.

However, if your overbite is more than that, your dentist might be able to help.

A Dentist Can Help With Minor Overbites

It is important that you correct an overbite whether you have natural teeth, dental implants or dentures. Otherwise, any remaining lower teeth you have will experience advanced wear and tear. If you have a minor overbite issue, a dentist should be able to help you. They can do this by designing your dentures so that the teeth angle inwards slightly, thus reducing the overbite.

This should both improve your appearance and protect your lower teeth from wear and tear caused by the overbite. However, the effects might be short-lived.

Your Denture May Succumb to Biting Pressure

Although your denture might reduce your overbite to normal levels for a few months or even longer, eventually, your overbite will return. This happens because your denture will slowly change in shape due to the biting forces you exert on it. Your natural jaw position will gradually shape the denture until the overbite returns once more.

Moreover, your gums will also change shape over the months and years, requiring gradual adjustments. In terms of your overbite, expect to adjust your denture every few months or so in order to retain a normal bite.

A Denture Cannot Help With Major Overbites

Unfortunately, if your overbite is severe, dentures won't be able to change it in any beneficial way. If your dentist were to attempt to correct your severe overbite with dentures, your bite would appear unnatural. Moreover, your face shape would change noticeably, and not in a pleasing manner. Fortunately, dental implants are another viable option.

Dental Implants Can Correct Overbites

Dental implants are compatible with your jawbone and even promote jawbone growth. Because of this, a dentist can work with you to correct a moderate overbite problem. However, for severe overbites, you may need to combine surgery, which helps reshape your jaw, with dental implants.

Do you have an overbite and missing upper teeth? Then dentures could be a good short-term solution to correct your overbite.

To learn more about dentures, contact a dentist.