What Dental Services Can You Expect of a General Clinic?

General dentistry is provided all over Australia by many dental clinics. Although you may need to see a dental surgeon for some types of advanced procedures, general dentistry is adequate for nearly all routine dental services. What sorts of services can you expect a typical general dentistry clinic to offer its clients today?


To begin with, one of the day-to-day aspects of any general dentistry clinic is to undertake routine examinations of patients' mouths. In most cases, this is a screening operation which looks out for potential problems in oral health, such as gum disease or tooth decay. In addition to checking whether further treatment may be required, your dentist should also offer advice on things such as how to clean teeth and how to maintain good oral health.


X-rays services are something that nearly every general dentistry clinic in the country will be able to offer. It now costs less to take X-ray images of patients' teeth than it used to. In fact, X-rays are taken routinely for all new adult patients when they sign up for a particular dental service, unless there is a sound medical reason to avoid having them taken.

Plaque Removal

Deep cleaning services are also provided at most general dentistry clinics these days. In some cases, it will be the dental practitioner themselves who carries out this function. However, in larger clinics, which are usually located in built-up urban centres, it will be a dental nurse rather than a qualified dentist who undertakes the work of plaque removal.

Repair Work

General dentistry also involves many aspects of repair work. Commonly, a dentist will be able to provide fillings, but this is by no means the only sort of repair work you can expect of your local dentist. For example, root canal work and extractions are common procedures. Similarly, crowns, bridges and dentures are all things that you can expect a general dentist to know how to fit. In some parts of the country, orthodontic procedures are also carried out under general dentistry, but you may be referred to a specialist in this field if you happen to live in a big city.

Periodontal Treatment

Periodontal treatment is only offered by some general dentistry clinics. This treatment is focussed on restorative work to support the roots of teeth better and, as such, tends to be centred on gums. Talk to a dental professional to learn more.