Unsuitability for the Role: Do Your Dentures Need to Be Recast?

In movies and TV shows, recasting is when an actor is replaced due to any number of reasons. But recasting has a very different meaning when it comes to dentistry. For those who wear dentures, there might come a time when your dentures need to be recast to make sure that they're still able to play their starring role. But what does it mean to have your dentures recast? And how are you going to know if you need it?

Periodic Maintenance

You might already know that the first set of dentures you receive will not remain efficient without periodic maintenance. The most effective means for maintaining your dentures is to have them relined as needed (and it won't be needed all that frequently). The contours of your jaw can slowly change over the years, due to gum recession and decrease in the width and overall mass of your jawbone now that it no longer has to support teeth sockets (dental alveoli). Denture relining is when a thin additional layer of acrylic resin is added to the base plate for a better fit that reflects these changes to your jaw. However, for some people, relining is not going to be enough.

The Recasting Process

Denture recasting is more of a comprehensive overhaul. Your dentures are disassembled, the prosthetic teeth are removed and retained and the denture base is discarded after it has been used as a model for the recast, which is essentially the production of a new denture base that offers a better fit. The teeth are reinserted, and you then have a partially new set of dentures. This is more cost-effective than having an entirely new set of dentures made. How would you know if recasting is going to be necessary?

Knowing When It Might Be Necessary

When a recast is your best course of action, the signs are fairly similar to when a reline might have ordinarily been needed. Your dentures might feel loose or actually slip, and you might experience mild digestion issues if your dentures have caused you to inadvertently not chew your food as thoroughly as you should. If it only seems like a fairly short period of time has gone by since your dentures were relined, it might be that this solution is no longer suitable and that your dentures will in fact need to be recast.

Like some iconic movie roles, recasting can also be extremely beneficial for your dentures.