Understanding Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are artificial tooth coverings that are in the shape of the part of the tooth you see protruding from your gum. This means that they can either be in the shape of an incisor, canine premolar or molar. Here are the different times when dental crowns are needed: If You Have Discoloured Teeth Discoloured teeth that cannot be treated using teeth whitening products are treated through the use of veneers. [Read More]

Underlying Causes Of Denture Repair

The affordability of dentures when compared to other tooth replacement therapies makes them a leading solution for patients looking to restore their smile without having to break the bank. However, despite being designed for mastication, dentures are not invulnerable to damage. Their heavy-duty usage coupled with the degree of stress they are exposed to daily will lead to cosmetic damages that can turn serious quite quickly. So to ensure you are protecting your investment while simultaneously safeguarding your oral health, it is essential to know the common reasons why your dentures would malfunction, as this helps you identify a potential problem. [Read More]

3 Fast Dental Treatments to Fix a Tooth Cavity

Dental cavities are one of the easiest dental problems to treat as long as there is no infection to remove. But it's important that you treat them as soon as possible before they progress. Otherwise, you'll need a more advanced dental technique, which takes longer, to repair the damage. If you repair a cavity early, you can get your treatment completed in just one quick dental visit. If you have a cavity and you are short on time, one of the following treatments offers you a quick and satisfactory tooth repair option. [Read More]

Why You Need an Everyday Travel Kit for Your Dental Braces

You're undoubtedly used to packing a travel kit for your toiletries when you actually need to go somewhere. But when you have braces, you should make a habit of packing a small travel kit to take anytime you leave your home for the day, even if you're only going to work or school. This is not a travel kit that your dentist or orthodontist will provide, and it's really about providing yourself with the necessary tools that you need to keep your braces and your teeth in the best possible condition. [Read More]