6 Tips To Keep Children's Teeth Healthy

Children's teeth are precious. Even though they will get another set of teeth for adulthood, it is still important to avoid dental decay, which can cause pain, difficulty eating, and lead to long-term gum health problems. The following six tips can help to keep your child's teeth healthy. 1. Set a Good Example Kids imitate their parents, so it is important that they see you brushing and flossing. When the whole family cleans their teeth together, kids start to see it as a normal part of life, rather than a chore that you are imposing on them. [Read More]

Possible Reasons for Tooth Pain When Biting

You shouldn't feel a sharp pain when you bite down or press against your teeth. When pain like that appears suddenly, it may be due to a dental problem. However, many different things can cause tooth pain this way. If you experience sudden tooth pain while biting, don't assume it will get better. Continue reading to learn more about the common reasons for tooth pain when you apply pressure to your teeth. [Read More]

Keeping Your Gums and Teeth Healthy: 4 Signs That It Is Time to See a Dentist

To maintain healthy teeth, you need to brush them twice a day and go for your dental appointments without fail. Unfortunately, most people only schedule a dental visit when they experience extreme discomforts.  In most cases, failing to observe your dental appointments increases the chances of oral health problems or undergoing expensive dental procedures to restore a healthy smile. You can prevent this from happening by paying close attention to the following signs for early treatment. [Read More]

Toothache Around Your Dental Implant: An Important Warning Sign

Do you make an appointment with your dentist each time you experience a toothache? It probably depends on the severity of your discomfort. Have sharp pain that seems to be getting worse? Sure, you'll see your dentist as soon as you can. Minor pain that disappears as quickly as it appeared? Perhaps not, and you might just assume that the issue was insignificant. However, if you have a toothache that appears to be centred around a dental implant, you should schedule an appointment with your dentist, even when your discomfort isn't all that substantial. [Read More]